Kelloggs Family Rewards – Free 75 Points

Home - Kellogg-s Family Rewards®.clipularKelloggs family Rewards is a great rewards program where you enter codes from participating Kellogg’s products to get points.

Every participating product has a 16 digit code which are all one time use only and can be redeemed at the rewards site.

Click here to go to the site to register. Once you register, you can enter the free points at the end of this post and also you can only enter up to 20 codes per day.

You can then redeem them for coupons, gift cards, movie tickets and more.

Also there are free promotions like, doubling the points for certain products, entering a specific product at specific time gets you bonus points.

From time to time, Kellogg’s also provides free generic codes where any one can get free points added to their account.

Here are few points which are current as of now.

KFRSTACKOFPOINTS  gets you 25 points

PANCAKEFORPOINTS gets you 25 points

ATASTEOFTRUELOVE gets you 50 points


Register at Kellogg’s Family Rewards and we will provide all generic codes as and when it becomes available.